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Camp Slash

Camp Slash - rpg
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This is a celebrity AU RPG (slash).

This is Camp Slash. Everyone is welcome to join, boys/men and girls/women, everybody can join. Others can be teachers/employees and others can be kids/students.
The kids live at cabins boys in others and girls in others, four person/cabin. Teachers live on the main building in their own rooms. There's lots of activities at Camp Slash. You can join various classes (music, acting, art), you can swim, play tennis, ride bikes or horses, read, write and generally spend time alone or with others.
You can stay here for a short while or a long time. Teachers/counselors and other employees are here to help the younger people in all there problems or just teach and help.
You can find a map of the camp HERE, it's only the main building. The cafeteria and the lounge look like this.


Rating: NC-17

- play nice
- any violent storylines must be approbed by the mods
- this is a slash community, but het relationships are allowed in some extent
- posts are hoped more than once a month
more rules as we get going

Send your application to join the game HERE.

When you join make a journal for your character and post this information to occ_camp
- Character birthdate (Age in the game if other than in reality)
- Character birthplace
- Writer location
- Time Zone
- Writer E-mail
and all the backround information of your character that you wanna share before you start to play, including is your character a camper, a staff member or something else.
Also send the same information HERE.
Thank you!

No intention to tease or cause any harm to anyone, just imaginary game.

Also check out:
camp_photos, camplibrary, campslashrecs, campfilmplay, campreaders, slashcampmusic, camp_classes and for Camp Slash staff campstaff!

A sister community athena_town, it's the town next to Camp.


boy_in_blue Daniel Radcliffe
love_eyes_boy Elijah Wood
boy_rebel Jason Behr
bloom_gal Orlando Bloom
__green_eyes__ Billy Boyd
_tobey_m_ Tobey Maguire
charmed_drew Drew Fuller
xx_scarlett_xx Scarlett Johansson
camp_west Shane West
mask_of_me Emma Watson
kiera_savvy Keira Knightley
rentcharlie Charlie Hunnam
__oceansoul_ Ian Somerhalder
kirsten_dunst18 Kirsten Dunst
_topher_g_ Topher Grace
_hayden Hayden Christensen
citymouse_ioan Ioan Gruffudd
country_bred Ryan Gosling
kate_hud_son Kate Hudson
garrett_20 Garrett Hedlund
arg_rint Rupert Grint
sinister_one Cillian Murphy
scarlet_grace Kate Winslet
describe_it Alex Band
l_black Lucas Black
christien_a Christien Anholt
enchanted_anne Anne Hathaway
auburn_mist Lindsay Lohan
jonniebegood Jonathan Rhys Meyers

jake_camp Jake Gyllenhaal - camp counselor
helper_boy Gregory Smith - assistant caretaker
depp_art Johnny Depp - art teacher
sirianthegreat Sir Ian McKellen - acting teacher
livelier Liv Tyler - camp's nurse
viggo_ranger Viggo Mortensen - riding instructor
guiness_kisses Colin Farrell - physical trainer
lock_pick Jared Leto - music teacher
matrix_neo Keanu Reeves - fighting instructor
biblio_rachel Rachel Weisz - librarian
kickapoo_brad Brad Pitt - carpentry teacher
gondors_daisy David Wenham - athletic coach
forget_broadway Hugh Jackman - singing teacher
urbancountryboy Karl Urban - caretaker
baby_blue_mags Maggie Gyllenhaal - office worker
clayhaiken Clay Aiken - counselor
wrathoftom Tom Hardy - teacher, speech and writing
sykochild Raine Maide - teacher, literature
charlie__t David Williams- film studies teacher

The sister community athena_town's TAKEN CHARACTERS.

Cambers's cabins:
For Boys:
Cabin 1: Drew, Tobey, Charlie and Ian S.
Cabin 2: Orlando, Garrett, Rupert and Jason B.
Cabin 3: Daniel, Christien, Darin and Hayden
Cabin 4: Shane, Sam, Cillian and Elijah
Cabin 9: James, Ioan, Jude and Topher
Cabin 10: Lucas and Alex (Room for 2)
Cabins 11-12: Empty

For Girls:
Cabin 5: Scarlett, Kate W., Anne & Keira
Cabin 6: Kirsten, Emma & Kate H. (Room for 1)
Cabins 7 and 8: Empty


fairy god-mother daloway