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Happy Biiiirthday Tooo Meeee. Wednesday Morning. [Sep. 3rd, 2005|02:54 pm]
Camp Slash - rpg


Knocking on Orlando's door because I really could do with the company today, determined to be happy just for one day. Shouting: "It's Billy, if you're naked put some clothes on, get your hands off Charlie and open the doooooor" In a sing song voice and knocking to the same tune. "Hellooooooooooooooo"

[User Picture]From: bloom_gal
2005-09-03 07:17 am (UTC)
Charlies head drops back into the pillow as we break the kiss panting, and he smiles that disarming smile and offers me a little shrug- not as upset as I am that we couldn't continue our quiet morning in together, because he knows that I love him all the same and that seems worth so much more these days.
"Billy Boyd if it wasnt your fucking Birthday I'd kill you!"
I yell before i whimper and rest my forehead on Charlies with the growled promise of " Later."

I flip on to my back under the covers to Billys answering laugh and-
"Yeah but it is so you have to at least PRETEND your happy to see me- Are you dressed yet?"
"Oh YEAAAH" i call out "All the way dressed...."
"He's in a suit and everything." Charlie chips in stiffling a laugh before he leans across to whisper:
"His birthday suit that is." For my ears only , his hand running under the covers just a moment with a wink.

The door Bursts open and Billys eyes drop to the bed " HAPPY BIR-"

I laugh as he looks at us still very much in bed together.

"Ahhhh....Billy." I say sitting up " Always a pleasure." The door swings shut behind him and Charlie grins reachign up to kiss me quick before saying.
"Hows about it Billy? Wanna join us? Theres room for one more." He kisses me again after patting the bed between us suggestivly and I shake my head and look down at him.
"Don't even joke." I laugh-though i admit the look on Billys face is a kodak moment.

I swivel around to the edge of the bed, hoping the covers are still concealing me from Billys eyes and bend down to the draws to fish out a pair of boxers which i put around my ankles. I feel nimbled fingers run up from the tip of my tail bone and where I'm sitting my eyes flutter shut.

He is Evil. EVIL...Taunting me now, featherlight touch running up and down my lower back until i turn my head to look past my shoulders at him. He smiles at me and ceases whilst biting his lip and i laugh, In one quick movement i pull the boxers up and stand up at the same time, adjusting the wasit band until its comfortable and then turn around to face the Birthday Boy.

"Happy birthday Bills." I whisper walking forward to wrap my arms around him and kiss the side of his face.
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[User Picture]From: __green_eyes__
2005-09-04 05:12 pm (UTC)
Shaking off the ever so sexual curves and guh, guh, guh wake up brain shaking off the patting of the bed and the walking in and the still in bed together and with the kissing and the naked and the sweat and the Charlie taunting and hoi... And hugging back enthusiastically, grinning wide. "Thankyouuu! I'm twenty, woooo.." Said with perhaps a little too little enthusiasm. "I mean- sorry- WOOO! TWENTY! WOOOO!!.. Better?"
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[User Picture]From: bloom_gal
2005-09-04 05:53 pm (UTC)
"Incredible.round of applause please Charlie." The clapping pipes up from the bed and I wrap an arm around Billys neck and Ruffle his hair.
"THAT my friend- is for intruding on my....lie in."
Charlie bites his lip and Billy looks at me and i laugh dipping down to pick up the wee Scot before he can wriggle away, and carrying him like a Groom does a bride up to the bed and throwing him down on my vacated side with a laugh before springing on to the end himself.

"Just be glad I'm too tired to give you the Birthday bumps- Maybe later?"
I cock my head holding Billys eyes with mine and wipe away an imaginary tear " Look at my little Billy- he's all grown up...And I feel a year younger... You're not 2 numbers ahead of my Boyd. Do I get a birthday kiss?"
"Arent you meant to give me one?" he taunts and Charlie laughs.
"The Scot has a point...Can you give me one while your at it."

Play with me will he? Taunting me with his still naked body half concealed underneath the covers- Doing his best to render me helpless with his "Come to bed" eyes when he knows I so clearly cannot.
"Alright then." I say- Just to suprise him. Play with me will he? Will he HELL.

I crawl up across the bed to Charlie first and he sits up expectantly. Leaning in towards me until our lips are pressed together, in that immortal kiss that promises everything and nothing- but does both with meaning....Gusto....Passion. I feel him shiver beneath the kiss and I silently laugh inside that he's not the only one who can play these games. When i break the kiss i smile and whisper to him.
"Give me one reason why I don't whip the cover off right now to show Billy YOUR birthday suit."

"How about 2? You love me. And You want me all to yourself."
"Says the guy who was insinuating a threesome moments ago!"
But Damn it he's right, and i settle back in my place as underdog, with a growl.

Fine you wanna play it that way then.

"Come on Bills...."
"Hmm?" He says snapped from some daydream and i dont even look at Charlie as i grin in the Birthday boys direction.
"Come here and let him Rot." I say poking my tongue out at Charlie who gasps at me and laughs not expecting me to go through with it at all I'm sure...

"Its part of your birthday present!" I joke beckoning him across the bed with my finger.
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[User Picture]From: __green_eyes__
2005-10-05 03:13 am (UTC)
Birthday Boy. My name is always going to have alliteration in it, isn't it? ...Bah. Ah well.. My aswell get that kiss. I chuckle, crawl accross and receive just that peck on the lips. "Mwah, there, happy?" Now really, please, enough kissing, enough innuendo, please.. I'm sober, and it prickles under my skin like needles. Like Brian. Urgh, subconscious!Billy, shut up. It's hot. God, it is. And maybe I do wish you would take those covers off him but.. No. It still prickles. Ner, I need a drink. No, Billy, you want a drink. And you're not having one today. "So, what's up for another day in camp hell, mm? Oh- I'm sorry- was that cynical? I did of course mean-" icing sugar voice "What's up for another day in camp, wonderful, wonderful camp" Beam. Just need a tooth glint and I'm set for a career in Fairy Liquid commercials. Ner.. "Sharpen your pitchforks, light your torches, and today we herd out anyone even remotely different.." That, at least, elicits a giggle from Charlie, and a chuckle from Orli. "How's the production coming?"
"Ian's production? I'm meant to be doing the photos for it, or something. How's it coming along?"
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[User Picture]From: bloom_gal
2005-10-09 05:50 am (UTC)
"Okay i guess, we had our first thing....and i guess they'll be a second thing soon....and then....MORE THINGS! It'll be a big thing thing."

Billy raises and eyebrow and looks at Charlie whose just grinning at me adoreingly, despite the fact I'm a complete dork.
"Has 'e been drinking?"
Charlie bites his lip and nudges me with his foot through the blankets as i sit at the foot of the bed beside Billy.
"Naw he's just a bit dim is all."
"How dare you!" I laugh and slap the foot thats now slunk out the side of the bed to start running curled toes up my thigh and under my boxers as best as is possible.
"BESIDES Bill." I say slapping at Charlies foot again and having to physically move it out of the legs of my boxers- "You know camp wont even let me near alcahol....My last drink was back in Manchester...where it was legal...and i had a few trust me."
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[User Picture]From: __green_eyes__
2005-10-14 03:33 pm (UTC)
I chuckle and arch one eyebrow. "Orlando nobody has to let you, where's your spirit? What you do is you nip in the storeroom when no-one is looking and nab a few bottles- or, lie about your age and hope to get away with it down in Athena, or, get someone older than you to get it. Don't you remember being sixteen?" Grin. Sigh. Could do with a drink right now. Time for that little verbal affirmation.. "Not drinking today though.. going to have a good day today, sober... What's going on today? Anything? Or just- boredom, as usual.."
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[User Picture]From: bloom_gal
2005-10-14 04:43 pm (UTC)
"Boredom? With Charlie around?"

Me and Charlie exchange a look " Nah......"

He beams at me and says to Billy " We entertain ourselves." whilst his eyes bore into mine and i smile at him and bring his foot back up into my lap to start to massage it absentmindedly. He sighs contentedly and slides down a little further in the bed, closing his eyes, but I know he's still listening.

"Besides Bill, I think you know a little too much about the ways to get alcahol underage...." i smile at him, Brown eyes melting into Green in a direct and pointed way..." Last time i had a drink I almost ended up doing something I would have regretted..." I think back to the card with the number still on it, and make a mental note that I haven't thrown it away- I ....don't want to..." Quickly i shake the thoughts away to find Charlies eyes open and watch me intently as i massage his foot.
"Like what?" Billy says bringing my gaze back to his a moment before i drop my eyes to the foot in my lap.
"Oh . Nothing.....What do most drunk people do? Get pissed and fall over furniture, stubbed toes and tantrums isn't it..." Charlie smiles a little contented with my answer and sits up in the bed to shuffle up near me, still beneath the covers.

His lips brush my cheek and i close my eyes and let them for a moment before turning around to meet his lips with mine in a gentle, loving kiss.
When he moves back i feel him comb his fingers back through my hair in one of those lazy signs of affection that you only ever see between people who are really in love. I open my eyes to his then and whisper " I love you..." He smiles and kisses me again until Billy clears his throat and I'm snapped from the spell back to reality- much to Charlies disgrace as he lets out a little whimper and drops his forehead on to my shoulder.

I laugh softly.

"Billy Billy- what do you wanna do today- I'm yours-It's your Birthday and I'm yours."
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[User Picture]From: __green_eyes__
2005-10-14 05:29 pm (UTC)
"Oh.." I smile a bit, look down, fiddle with the ankle hems of my jeans. "Uhm you know what- would it be better if I just left? I could-" really do without watching you two salivate over eachother right now and feeling like the third wheel to your oh so perfect bliss, bless you.. "-go and just wander round, take some photos, maybe come back later, I don't mind- if you just want to be on your own for a while, honest.."
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[User Picture]From: bloom_gal
2005-10-14 05:36 pm (UTC)
"no....NO!" i say and move away from Charlie to crawl across the bottom of the bed and take up Billy's hand holding it tightly in my own.
"I wouldn't dream of it Bills...It's your birthday....I said I was yours and....I am..." I smile over my shoulder at Charlie, " 'e's a big boy, he can look after himself....What do you say to me joining you in that wander...maybe we can take some photos together, make a birthday book hmmm?" I hold his unflinching green stare and pout a little.
"Unless you don't want me to help...."
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