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Tuesday Night-ish. Around 6:00pm. [Aug. 26th, 2005|09:58 pm]
Camp Slash - rpg


Laughing with you in your cabin, Billy's off somewhere and we have the whole place to ourselves, all. night. long. But weirdly enough, tonight isn't the passionate, falling into bed of usual nights. Tonight is laughter and talking and eating ice cream. And.. I guess we're counting down the days- to when you try it.. the thought of which is like a bucket of ice in my stomach, instead of the slick cold sweetness of the ice-cream. Yours mint chocolate chip, as always, mine strawberry (no, not because it's pink you wanker, the colour is just an added bonus..).

Lying on my stomach beside you, laughing, you lying on your back with the ice cream tub resting on your chest, also laughing.. and times like this the confidence in us builds, just a little, and I work not to make myself fight it back down for fear of dissappoint it, but to settle warm and sweet like honey in my stomach and chest and make this night one of the ones I'll remember- always- nomatter what happens tomorrow or the day after or in years to come. Some things.. you just know they're going to stick.

"It's been that long since you last had your hair cut? Honestly?"
"Yep" You grin, shovelling another spoonful in and talking gorgeously around it. "Going to the barbers is evil.." Swallow. I smile and lean forward to kiss a missed droplet away from your lips.
"I go to the barbers.. am I evil?"
Slow grin curls accross those lips of yours, and your eyes get somehow deeper- if that's even possible- seductive and dangerous and.. you. Love, and devotion, shining in them and making me feel like the centre of the Goddamn universe.

Our universe, anyway.. and I guess everyone does have their own. It's what you make it.. after all.

You're my universe... In- an entirely non-stalkerish fashion, that is..

"No.. but you are bad.. and you are naughty.. and if you are not careful I shall punish you.."
Gasp. "But I'm so good! You wouldn't.."
"Oh, you are so naive.." Grinning, and then planting a blob of icecream squarely on my nose, sticking your tongue out at me.
"Oh I'm naive?" I grin. "Mr let's-play-with-icecream.. you don't know who you're dealing with, mate.." Oh, God, accent, godfuckingdamnit! Laughing and bending my head to hide my blush.
"Haha! Your roots are showing- mate" In perfect imitation of my Geordie self, and I grit my teeth jokingly, give you a death glare that could kill- patented..
"Fuck you. Dictionary boy.. In my day, we worked long and hard-" Cut off by your laughter, and grinning, leaning forward to capture your lips and the sound of your mirth in my mouth, smiling, tucking a curl behind your ear through habit, and then pulling back lazily.
"Besides.. Geordies have more fun.."
"I believe that's blondes."
"Well- I'm both!"
"Explains alot" You tease and my eyes narrow playfully, flicking your ear with the nail of my forefinger.
"Yeah? And how does that rod up your arse feel lately?"
Again with the lazy, seductive grin.
"Pretty good.. actually.. care to check on it for me?"
"Cheeky fucker."

[User Picture]From: bloom_gal
2005-08-27 08:43 am (UTC)
"I'm going to pretend you said you loved me..." I whisper and pick up his hand to hold it across my stomach as he rests on his other elbow ice cream in his other hand, his fingers of his free hand twining with mine as they rest on my torso.

I look at him and hes watching me persistantly as he jabs at the ice cream with his spoon and i laugh a little " what?"
"Oh thanks!"
"You're adoreable..." He whispers and my chuckle ceases to an adoring smile. " With your little ice cream tub...You're such a kid sometimes."
And he fully deserved the sudden tug on his hand to pull him across and down on top of me, almost upsetting his ice cream.
"You're a fine one to talk...! I whisper and hook his hair behind his ear."And you are a FINE one."

"Where do you come up with these lines..." He laughs and i break contact with his hand to ppull him down to kiss me by the back of his neck.
"Don't mock." I whisper " You're my inspiration."
He gasps over dramatically and pinches my arm. I let out an " Awr!" and whimper and immediatly he rests his forehead to mine in an apology though hes still laughing softly as he does it and suddenly hes on his back and im straddling him there on the bed lifting my ice cream spoon tauntingly infront of my eyes...

"How would you like ice cream down your trousers charlie?"
"I wouldnt?" He says and then narrows his eyes at me. " You wouldn't..."
"Oh wouldn't I?" I say and catch his right wrist in my hand,
"NO NO NO!!" he laughs trying to fight me off with his left hand until i rest the ice cream on the bed and catch that hand too , pinning them both above his head with my left hand as i pick the tub up with my other hand once more and he sits shaking his head at me.
"On the upside Charlie, i get to lick it off afterwards."
"Is it worth the pain?"
"Could be...If you are a goodboy and don't complain..." I laugh and nuzzle him " Baby i love you...I wouldn't stick ice cream down your pants."
"I'll put it on your chest though." And i do. i tip the beginnign of the ice cream melt directly on to his chest and hear him cry out and whimper, thrasing beneath me like a wild animal and laughing through pitiful cries of " Get it off!"
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